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We at Vladimir have been involved with the wonderful German Shepherd breed for over 30 years. We are members of DogsNSW (Member number: 2100070199), the German Shepherd Dog League of NSW and the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia

Vladimir German Shepherds seldom breed more than 1 litter each year so availability is limited.  At the moment we are taking expressions of interest for our planned litters in mid 2020

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We are proud Eukanuba Ambassadors

We are proud Eukanuba Ambassadors


Vladimir German Shepherd puppies

Our puppies are raised with love and are from the best & most sound dogs within Australia and the world. We generally breed only once a year and do need breed for income. Our puppies are from generations of Hip and Elbow X-rayed and breed surveyed parents where our puppies and dogs are nurtured in a loving home environment. We have room for our puppies to run, play and to grow and develop. They are registered with DogsNSW (meaning they are purebred with pedigree papers), vaccinated, microchipped & wormed. They come with our health guarantee and personalised puppy raising information kit. All of our puppies are purebred and papered (registered) on limited register - meaning they are not for breeding or export.  

Breeding selectively and limitedly over the past 30 years allow us to breed high quality puppies suitable for being the ultimate family member. Our puppies and dogs are sound, healthy, have confident, outgoing personalities with excellent breed type (meaning they're both healthy, intelligent and good looking).  As one of the breeders in Australia with sables, we have puppies available in the original breed colour. We also have the two coat types available - long stock coat (formerly known as long coat/ long hair/ coat) and stock coat (formerly glamour coat/ short coat). 

Our breeding plan has been rewarded with Vladimir German Shepherds being awarded the Bronze + Silver Medallion for excellence in soundness from the German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia. We are fastidious breeders, with puppies only available occasionally. Due to the high quality we are renowned for, we generally have a waiting list.

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We provide a lifetime of interest & support. We also supply our very own puppy pack containing:

- Certificate of Pedigree & Registration through DogsNSW
- 5 Generation Pedigree & picture book of mum & dad (sire & dam)
- Our personalised Vladimir puppy raising kit
- Our health guarantee
- Six weeks of free Pet insurance
- Eukanuba Puppy food + Puppy Pack

We are available 24/7 for the life of your new family member. We have decades of experience to help with any of your questions or concerns.

The breed that can do it all..

  • Ultimate family companion

  • Herding / Tracking

  • Agility / Obedience / Rally - O

German Shepherds make wonderful family pets. They are noble and intelligent and when brought up and well socialised, are an amazing family member. 

Our overarching aim when breeding is to improve our breed. Our puppies are highly intelligent and bred to be incredibly beautiful. We only place puppies in homes where we are convinced that there is a level of care equal to above our own, for the life of the puppy.  We do our very best ensuring that the puppies are well socialised, including with other breeds including our pekingese, Gus and french bulldogs Georgie & Meg  When of appropriate age, our puppies are exposed to different sights and sounds whilst in our loving home environment. This gives them the best start to life they possible can achieve. 

An excerpt from the breed standard to which we breed all of our dogs to: 

The German Shepherd must be of well balanced temperament, steady of nerves, self assured, absolutely at ease and good natured as well as attentive and easy to train. He must posses instinctive drive, resilience and self confidence in order to be suitable as companion, watch dog, protection service and herding dog.
— German Shepherd Breed Standard

More information on the history and the breed standard to which all of Vladimir German Shepherds are bred can be found here


Do you have puppies available? 
Not at present. Our next availabilities are in mid 2019. Please contact us to register your interest. 

How much are your puppies and do they come with papers?
Our puppies are priced at $3,000. All of our puppies are purebred and registered with DogsNSW and come with limited registration papers (meaning they are not for export, showing or breeding purposes). 

Are the puppies x-rayed?
No - puppies are not x-rayed as bones and joints are not fully formed (click here for an image of puppy x-ray and here for information on growth plates). All of our adult dogs are screened for hip and elbow dysplasia and have passed assessment (Meaning the all have the GSDCA National Council A and Z - hip and elbow certificates which are available to be viewed). All of our dogs are also Breed Survey Classified (temperament, character, particular virtues and pedigree assessment which are also available to view), as are all the males we use in our breeding program. 

When and how do I choose a puppy? Can I meet the parents? 
Once you have submitted interest and we have sent you our puppy application form, we will let you know if we think you are an appropriate home for one of our puppies. With years of experience, we understand what temperaments our puppies exhibit, even at an early age. We do our best to match the expectations and wants of potential buyers with puppies in our litters and will invite you to come and meet us and our 4 legged family. Unfortunately,  generally the males we use do not live with us and some located interstate.

What are the temperaments like on your dogs?
All of our animals come from generations of strong nerved and even temperaments - these have also been assessed.  Our dogs grow up with children and are well socialised with other animals, sounds and people. 

Due to the intelligence and size of the German Shepherd, it is incredibly important to socialise, train and stimulate your puppy  as soon as they come into your care. We do our very best to socialise and stimulate our puppies whilst in our care. As with all puppies, if they are not exposed to appropriate exercise, training, socialisation and stimulation, puppies can become bored and display unwanted behaviour.